Saturday, November 19, 2011

Killer Groove Music LIbrary Show 9 on JFSR

Afternoon guys,

Just watched Arsenal win over Norwich ggrrrrr!!!!

Damn than RVP..

Just waiting now for kick off of Man U v Swansea, c'mon you Red Devils.

Realised I never put last weeks show No.9 up as a download link so here it is both on ZShare and (use main click link above)

Hope you are all well and roll on Christmas so I can get free time to up a load of new LP's to the blog.



jazzobsessive said...

Hi K G

Hope you well?

I'm still sulking at 6.40PM early Sunday evening cos we just lost to

Man Utd are still as boring as ever this season though!

I'd sooner Man City win the title if we can't rather than your lot!

Controversial statements from me tonight my friend!

I gotta get around to downloading your Radio Shows yet-got to find the time.

Thanks for playing Tom Ranier What You Need on Show 3?-I will never tire of that piece of music for me one of the funkiest "Jazz Funk" tracks ever.

Looking forward to more music on your Blog when you get chance.

Take it easy my broher

Jazz Obsessive

the jazzstronaut said...

Great show and fantastic playlist...good to finally put a face to the Killer Groove blog.


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