Sunday, October 05, 2008

Artist: Ray Terrace
Label: Tower Records (ST 5105)
Year of Release: 1960's
Album Title: Home of Boogaloo
Stand out Track(s): Manteca; Wiggle Waggle; You've Been Talkin' 'Bout Me Baby; Wade in the Water
Artist: Peter Herbolzheimer's Rhythm Combination & Brass
Label: MPS Records (MB-21751)
Year of Release: 1973
Album Title: Waitaminute
Standout Track(s): Mr Clean; Green Witch

Saturday, October 04, 2008

Artist: Placebo
Label: CBS Records (S65683)
Year of Release: 1973
Album Title: 1973
Stand out Track(s): Polk; Bolkwush
Artist: La Clave
Label: Verve Records (V6-8819)
Year of Release: 1973
Album Title: La Clave
Standout Track(s): Move Your Hands; Latin Slide; The Ghetto; Road Runner; Soul Sauce
Artist: Dave Valentin
Label: Arista Records (5511)
Year of Release: 1982
Album Title: In Love's Time
Standout Track(s): Clove & Cinnamon
Artist: Joan Bibiloni and Ernie Mansfield
Label: RNE Records (N3-40002 E)
Year of Release: 1985
Album Title: Color Drops
Standout Track(s): Sambita
Artist: Masabumi Kikuchi
Label: Catalyst Records (CAT 7916)
Year of Release: 1977
Album Title: Matrix
Standout Track(s): Matrix; Black Orpheus
Artist: Harold Alexander
Label: Flying Dutchman Records (FD 10145)
Year of Release: 1971
Album Title: Sunshine Man
Standout Track(s): Mama Soul; Tite Rope; Clean-Up
Artist: Keni Burke
Label: Dark Horse Records (DH 3022)
Year of Release: 1977
Album Title: Keni Burke
Standout Track(s): Keep on Singing; Day
Artist: Cerrone IV
Label: Cotillion Records (SD 5208)
Year of Release: 1978
Album Title: The Golden Touch
Standout Track(s): Music of Life
Artist: Tito Puente
Label: Tico Records (CLP-1308)
Year of Release: 1973
Album Title: and his Concert Orchestra
Standout Track(s): El Rey Del Timbal; Ritual Fire Dance; Matacumbe; 110th St. & 5th Ave.; Black Brothers

Friday, October 03, 2008

Artist: Ivan "Boogaloo Joe" Jones
Label: Prestige Records (P-10072)
Year of Release: 1973
Album Title: Black Whip
Stand out Track(s): Black Whip; Crank Me Up
Artist: John Cameron / Alan Parker
Label: KPM Library Records (KPM 1130)
Year of Release: 1973
Album Title: Afro Rock
Stand out Track(s): Heavy Water; Afro Rock; Swamp Fever; Afro Metropolis; Survival; Black Light

Artist: Barcelona Traction
Label: Oliba Records (OL-09)
Year of Release: 1975
Album Title: Barcelona Traction
Stand out Track(s): Has vist passar els ocells

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