Monday, December 21, 2009

Artist: Ellen McIlwaine
Label: Polydor Records (PD-5044)
Year of Release: 1973
Album Title: We The People
Standout Track(s): Jimmy Jean


Anonymous said...

Hi K G

Good to see your also a fan of Miss

What a voice & guitarist-do you like
other folk funk people?

I just acquired her self titled LP
for just 2 really mellow soul tracks "We Got Each Other" & "Lovers Lane."

Completely different to Jimmy Jean
& her other more well known tracks
but equally as good.

Worth checking out if you don't know already.

Jazz Obsessive

shoshidge said...

i don't know why this woman never got her due, she's brilliant, hard to find her old stuff though.
I'm going to see her live in 2 weeks, I should ask her if she has any stashes of her old records in a box in the basement somewhere

Killer Groove Music Library said...


Great post and you are the lucky one. Give her my regards and ask her to drop by the Library and post a comment.

All the best and Happy New Year


Anonymous said...

Never heard of Ellen McIlwaine but like this.


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