Saturday, December 05, 2009

Artist: Julio Gutierrez
Label: Sirena Records (S-127)
Year of Release: 1960's
Album Title: Havana B.C.
Stand out Track(s): Exciting; Latino Loco; Havana...B.C


Bacoso said...

I've been after this one for bloody aeons....shoulda guessed you would have it!!!

CliffB said...

Link is lagging? tia

Killer Groove Music Library said...

Hey Mate,

I know, I's a tough life but someones got to have a copy!!

I've been looking for a cleaner copy for some time myself. Sylvestre used to play this out at the Wag many years ago so I had on my list as well for years.

I'l up a track or two this afternoon as I'm off to play vets Sunday football this morning.


Simon666 said...

Great great track, thanks KG :)

walpataca said...

Phenomenal track, one of favourites. Anyone know the line-up?
Thanks for uploading.

Killer Groove Music Library said...

Line up as follows:
Arado Carlos - Trumpet
Acevedo Nico - Coro
Echevarria Paquito - Vibraphone
Espigul - Guitar
Mas Gustavo - Saxophone & Flute
Roldan Jerry - Drums
Vivar Juan Salvador - Bass
Pla Lazaro (Manteca) - Bongo, Congas & Percussion

Hope that Helps


Anonymous said...

Hi K G

Finally got down to down loading this....and wow what a great track!!!

This year I've really got back into Latin like this.

It's so well played & forgive the cliche but it is an exciting music that gives me goose bumps & a natural high every time.

This also takes me back to my holiday to San Francisco in june where I heard more latin being played etc then I expected to come across just being a tourist if you know what I mean.

Anyway thanks a lot as always.

Jazz Obsessive


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