Thursday, December 03, 2009

Artist: Thomas Almqvist
Label: Mistlur Records (MLR-6)
Year of Release: 1979
Album Title: Nyanser
Stand out Track(s): Horisont


Upuout said...


I really like what You are doing here.
That`s why I set a Link to your work from the
Sidebar of my Blog ( )
How abaout a Backlink?
It`s not that i delete the Link to You if You don't set
a Backlink to me but it would be Nice to get one from You.

Greetings from Ivor Schandor aka UPUOUT from "Mein ultimativer Spaßblog"

Simon666 said...

thanks KG :)

Anonymous said...

Another new & interesting piece of music.

Thanks as ever.

Jazz Obsessive


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