Sunday, November 22, 2009

Artist: Mike Westbrook Concert Band
Label: Deram Records(SML 1069)
Year of Release: 1970
Album Title: Love Songs

Stand out Track(s): Original Peter; Love Song No.1


Raggy said... song No. 1 - that does it for me EVERY time! Hey KG, thought you'd like to know that I've added a link on my site to yours. take it easy, Raggy

Killer Groove Music Library said...

Hi Raggy,

Thanks for that mate, and wow!! just been listening to Love Song No.1, must have missed that one all those years ago..but now! Gonna post that track me thinks.

Also listening to the Undisputed Truth "You Make Your Own Heaven and Hell Here on Earth" 7" which I have just picked up..thanks for putting me onto so deep and sweet.


Anonymous said...


Like the new Blog make over...very classy!

Good to see the Ragster adding his input here.

Like wise your comment regarding the Undisputed Truth track above I also listened to that old Raggy show for the first time recently & loved it all the way through-It also lead me to buying it plus Smiling Faces...

I've acquired so much brilliant (new to me) music lately it's unbeliveable I keep thinking foolishly that I have heard it all-then......something else come along to freak me out.... how stupid is that!!!

Have you heard Nowhere To Run by The Family Underground on Raggys last show...?-what a classic.

Cheers mate

Jazz Obsessive

Raggy said...

ha ha Mr Jazz Obsessive, touched by your comments AND really glad you like the shows, are you a 'new' listener then?.. there's a new one (#70) ready on the site right now for your ears and your download my friend.

As i see it, hearing a track for the first time is the buzz I get too. I'll NEVER be able to say I've heard it all before or got it all, as KG's blog and others prove: there's always something round the corner that someone writes about or plays that will blow us all away!!

So glad you guys appreciate what i do, the feeling is totally mutual, respect, and let's support those musicians. Raggy

Anonymous said...

Hi KG & Raggy!

No I'm not a new listener!

Probably the opposite & literary one of your "older" ones.

I'll be sending you an e-mail soon
for the mystery killer tracks you played on Show 70 so you will find out from that my friend.

Jazz Obsessive (The I-Pod King!)

Killer Groove Music Library said...

Hey JO

Get the emails off my friend, as I have already had the answers, and started the search. Infact I have already been in contact with the actual Artist of track number one and he has sold out all his LP's to a West Coast dealer, so no luck there in getting a copy..the search continues.

Anybody know if a christmas drink "get together" is happening this year???


Anonymous said...

Hi K G

I'm too busy on your site mate to e- mail the Ragster (sorry mate!)
cos you've gone mad lately sharing your brilliant sounds....not that I'm complaining of course.

If there is a christmas meet up happening I would be up for it definately.

Tell me where & when (you know how to reach me )

Jazz Obsessive

Killer Groove Music Library said...

Sure thing mate.#

I know that a few of the blogsters got together last xmas so I'll check around and see if it's happening again this year.

Tunes a plenty at the moment, so fill your boots.

Santa (aka KG)

Anonymous said...

Look forward to hearing further from you Santa.

Christmas has definately come early this year!

Jazz Obsessive

paulrou said...

I love original peter too. thank u, kg. never had thi.


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