Saturday, November 07, 2009

Artist: Byron Pope
Label: S.Q.L Records (OR 25)
Year of Release: 1981
Album Title: Music For Earthdwellers & Starseekers
Stand out Track(s): Shades of; Face Reality; Third Eyes; This Way


Anonymous said...

OldHippieRick said...
As an Old House Mate with Byron the summer of 1999 @ Amanda's Inn in the Pocono Mts. PA. And I jammed with him all the time he and his Father and at that time he was 93 yrs young both could play some really good straight up Bebop we had a blast that summer Really do miss Byron taught me a lot about the musical landscape and how to make it work for you.He has played with John Coltrane J.J.Johnson Miles Davis and so many more and as side man you could never go wrong with having Byron at your side.
Rick an Old Hippie who plays Jazz
but not as much these days as before....................

Anonymous said...

Hi K G

Glad to see your back with high quality fare as usual.

Keep em coming mate.

Jazz Obsessive

Anonymous said...

I was quite surprised (and flattered) when Byron emailed me back in Sep '07. He's living in France I believe..

And, yep, OldHippieRick, he sent me a photo of himself palying alongside Coltrane a year before his sad passing.

This all came about when he spotted that my radio show played a track from the LP you have pictured here. He was quite surprised and encouraged that people were still listening to his music.

I believe he is filming all of his performances which he sells alongside his new CDs...if you are interested I'm sure i can give you some details...

Keep up the great work on this site!! Take care, Raggy

Killer Groove Music Library said...

Hey Raggy,

Good to hear from you again mate, and yes interested in whatever you can provide.

I'm loving your shows by the way, just can't enough of it. Wish I could do the same sometime.

Thanks again


paulrou said...

nice jazz, KG


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