Thursday, December 22, 2011

Killer Groove Music Library Show 14 from Tuesday December 20th

Well, well, we are again, with the pre-Christmas show for last Tuesday the 20th of December show 14 on

For this show (Show 14) as always, the tracklist is available on, (link above), also via the JFSR website (please note that the server has also changed and is performing perfectly) and the ZShare link as always is below for downloading.

As always it would help me a great deal if you let me know what tracks you would like played or added to the show list for future shows, including Show 15 coming up next Tuesday which is the 27th December, although I think I am going to just check back over the last 14 weeks and pull out the ones I enjoyed the most or created the most reaction amongst followers/listeners.

Therefore enjoy the music as always and stay safe.

Massive Festive Cheers to you all


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