Thursday, December 08, 2011

Killer Groove Music LIbrary Show 12 on JFSR

I know, I know, I know, Tuesdays show (that is Tuesday 6th December) wasn't this one, but that is down to the crap server we had in Docklands. This show 12, will only be available here on the KIller Groove Music Library Blog or via

Next Tuesday 13th of December on will be Show 13.

For this show (Show 12) the tracklist is of course available on, (link above), also via the JFSR website (please note that the server has also changed) and the ZShare link below for downloading.

Sorry for the interuption over the last couple of weeks, but the London (Docklands) server was being switched over to a more reliable US based one and it has been tested for quite some time now to iron out all the usual bugs etc.

Enjoy the music and most of all please leave comments or requests for the show(s) etc at

festive shots to you all


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Download music said...

It wil be great show! I'm waiting it!It's a pity that it was not 6th December. But it is additional rest, and soon it will be more powerful!


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