Saturday, June 11, 2011

After a much needed break, I am at last back and will be posting (hopefully) a stack of new stuff with pics and tracks to download, and even a podcast or two of stuff that never seems to find it's way onto the blog. This part to my musical make-up is a new venture for me and in doing so I must pay my respect to Raggy The Ragster from Off Limits Radio and Mark "Happy Jazz" Taylor for giving me the inspiration to dust off my 10,000 piece strong record collection.

See ya again soon



jazzobsessive said...

Hi K G

Can I be the first to welcome you back.

Looking forward to some great new
posts soon (a Podcast would be even better!)

Respect as well to Raggy & the Happy Jazz Boys whilst I'm at it.

Simon666 said...

Good to see you back in any form sir :)

steve.d said...

Welcome back to the highly regarded

Raggy said...

i'm with you guys (above), i WANT to see (or hear!!!), some podcasts from KG, "what do we want...?" "KG", "when do we want him?" "....." Much love and respect mate.


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