Thursday, June 04, 2009

Artist: Neil Larson
Label: A & M Records (SP-738)
Year of Release: 1979
Album Title: High Gear
Stand out Track(s): Demonette


Reza said...

yup, certainly is a killer groove, think I played this to death back in the day along with windsong from jungle fever album another classic from larsen
lucky got to see him play in monmartre copenhagen back in 79 , hard to believe that buzz feiton went on to be olivia newton john's backing guitarist ..
thanks KG

Killer Groove Music Library said...

Hey Reza,

Me to, lucky my copy still plays. I must dig out "sudden samba" as well and get that posted.



bacoso said...

I bought this after hearing it at Caister in 79!Thats 30 bloody years ago!Doesn't time fly when you're having fun?

Killer Groove Music Library said...

Hi mate,

Caister gave us some great memories didn't it...although I didn't go as early as '79, I was more 81 - 83 kind of guy..but wow!! how long ago was that.


taro nombei said...

a nice track, which I totally missed (and the album) back in the day, so thanks for the intro!

Anonymous said...

Hi K G

Back from holiday & so pleased & grateful to find that you have uploaded this track.

Glad to see all the positive interest & feedback you are receiving as well.

I'm now looking forward to refreshing my ears with your latest offerings.

All look good to me (as usual!)

Thanks again mate.

Jazz Obsessive

Simon666 said...

Lovely track, didn't know this, thanks a lot.

Simon666 said...

there's a track called "Groovy Samba' that I think you'd really like, here :

Killer Groove Music Library said...

Hi Si,

That Groovy Samba track is on the Oiling Boiling LP, which is already on this blog somewhere, but yep, good track none the less.


Simon666 said...

ha, should have knowm :)


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