Saturday, June 27, 2009

Artist: Carlos Franzetti
Label: Guiness Records (GNS 36076)
Year of Release: 1977
Album Title: Graffiti
Stand out Track(s): Beatriz; Graffiti; Romancero; Cocoa Funk


Anonymous said...

Really enjoying this one K G.

Thanks as always

Jazz Obsessive

Killer Groove Music Library said...

Hi Mate,

Glad to hear it, although it really seems like it's just you and me left one seems interested in this kind of music these days..

I'm gonna try my hardest to find out what that track is on the GP podcast..and will let you know.


Anonymous said...

Hi yer K G

For me it's always been like that!

But there are still people into it so keep it going my friend.

I'm not enjoying work at present but when I turn on my i tune library or download something from you or others...this music of ours restores the faith & puts the negatives in perspective if you know what I mean.

I'm listening to Monica Zetterland's album Feathers as I write this....a fantastic mellow album-check it out if you don't know it

All the best

Jazz Obsessive

Anonymous said...

Hey K G (and other music lovers..) i've seen this blog site before, you're doing a good job!

BUT i must disagree, there are THOUSANDS of avid listeners out 'here' that still love this (sometimes forgotten!) music...

I self produce a radio show which you probably will enjoy, all for FREE and just because i don't want the fundamental music that shaped so many generations' styles to disappear..they deserve better than that.

Please feel free to enjoy my shows here:

Send me an email if you like the shows! Peace, keep it up KG, Raggy

Killer Groove Music Library said...

Hey Raggy,

Great to hear you are out there doin' it still. I will get onto your radio site immediately and post the link as a "must visit" site.

Thanks for the uplifting comments.


Anonymous said...

KG!!! Thank you thank you..very kind of you to put a link to my radio show on your home page.

It all helps, and it makes what we 'all' do for the love of music worthwhile and for a purpose.

BTW, this is the only Blog that i'm 'following', not sure if i'm doing it correctly, do I 'follow' on the right hand side, sign in and stay signed in to get your updates? I'm still living in a cave eating raw meat i'm afraid, sorry for my ignorance..

I'll also give your blog a shout on the next few shows, i'm sure that loadsa my listeners will be coming your way.

Do you sell stuff privately too? drop me an email if you do

Peace man, Raggy

deakin said...

hi KG,

Wow this tune is filling my boots its so heavy, ooohhhh yeah, Raggy put me on to your blog and I owe him. once again must be said your taste is awesome. This reminds me a little if the Hipster ooohhh yeah...loving it... Keep it up your doing a killer job. Killa no fillah.

I trust your taste so much I am grabbing everything I havent already got. That's how much I am digging your blog!!!!

Keep it coming, thanks again

Rob from Downunder


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