Sunday, March 08, 2009

Artist: Nicos Jaritz Unidad
Label: Lyraphon Musik Records(LY-640001)
Year of Release: 1988
Album Title: Viva Cuba!
Stand out Track(s): Cancion De La Solidaridad


Simon666 said...

Superb latin piece, straight into my DJing list for the weekend. Must add a note about the superb production here too, everything so clear, the vibes sound like they're in my room. OK now i want some vibes in my room.

Killer Groove Music Library said...

"suckeu"!! he he he. You couldn't make that one up if you tried.

Where yo DJ'ing Si?


Simon666 said...

Hi KG -

I'm DJ-ing at Cafe Lounge in Sydney, probably a little far for you to travel!

btw for the benefit of readers -
KG is referring to my comment on another post, where I noted that my word verification for the comment was "suckeu" :)


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