Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Artist: Birthright
Label: Freelance Records (FS-1)
Year of Release: 1974
Album Title: Free Spirits
Stand out Track(s): Nano; Tangerine; Jowcol; Free Spirits


Anonymous said...


Looking forward to hearing a track or two off this album please mate.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the upload.

Yes it was me with the request!!!

Jazz Obessive

Simon666 said...

Really nice track KG, thanks for this. 4 standout tracks, must be a good one.

Simon666 said...

You've really set me off on a search after these great Birthright tracks, particularly this one. Been reading a bit about saxophonist Joe Ford here, and the credits at Discogs. Really love both Ford's playing and of course Onaje Allan Gumbs on the keys.
*begging bit*
Any chance of a second track? :)
sll the best,

Simon666 said...

Hi again KG -
Well, I begged around friends and Reza gave me an album rip, which Ive posted up at my blog. So a big thanks to you and your wonderful blog for constantly sending me off into all sorts of directions.


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