Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Artist: The Robin Jones Seven
Label: Apollo Sound Records (AP 5016)
Year of Release: 1972
Album Title: El Maja
Stand out Track(s):Atlas; Batucada Da Vida; Hot Chilli Sauce; El Maja


Anonymous said...

I Love your site & it is brilliant of you to share this rare rare music.

One problem for me though is Z share.

All your posts are now through them as opposed to Rapidshare & I can't download any tracks.

Why did you stop using rapidshare?

Chris the Jazz Obsessive!

Killer Groove Music Library said...

Hi Chris,

rapidshare was giving me alot of trouble about a year ago and taking an age to upload stuff on. The a friend recommended Zshare so they could listen to the track before downloading it, which made sense, and it all seemed to work really smoothly to start with. Recently I have found that with Z Share you end up going round in circles and never able to actually download anything. I will start to use mediashare and see if that is any better.

Your views and comments though are most welcome.



Anonymous said...


Thanks for your advices -good news
me thinks.

I confirm with Z share you do go round in circles & get no downloads.

After e-mailing you I tried again & at first all seemed OK -it downloaded -then when I played back it had only downloaded a small "sound bite"-which was frustrating given the quality of the great music you are kind enough to want to share!!!

I'll be logging in all the time or should I say I haven't been away since discovering you ,My Jazz World & Never Enough Rhodes since before Chritmas.

All the best.

Chris The Jazz Obsessive!

Paul said...

I dont know if you're interested but I remember when I first got this album I had a record shop in London and found it in a distributors i was using. Played it in the club I was dj'ing and whammo! it seemed a hundred people came up and asked "Whats this?!!!!!!!". I followed up the address on the back of the album, it was a very grand old guy in an even grander old house in a very grand street in Hampstaed.. Hundreds of them, "Denga" too.
I bought the lot..sold 'em too!

Paul M

Killer Groove Music Library said...

A message to Paul M,

Got your comment and i will publish it shortly. Firstly though, just wanted to say thanks to you, as you are one if not THE major factor behind me owning nearly all the LP's on this Blog. If it hadn't been for the record shack, I probably woudln't have gone on to build this collection. The Robin Jones LP's were bought and paid for there along with the likes of Eddie Harris, Seawind, Cal Tjader, Jayme Marques etc etc etc. If I remember rightly the old Blues & Soul Mags used to carry the record shack best sellers list, and then from Spats on a Saturday with Giles P, it was down to your shop to buy the tunes just played...aaahhh those were the days.




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