Saturday, January 24, 2009

Artist: Gary Bartz
Label: Prestige Records (P-10092)
Year of Release: 1975
Album Title: The Shadow Do
Stand out Track(s): Sea Gypsy


Anonymous said...


Very interesting albums you have posted for our pleasure etc since the 24/1.

Are you going to uplift the stand out tracks though?

Jazz Obsessive

Killer Groove Music Library said...

Hi Mr Jazz Obsessive,

I will be getting these tracks (and a load more lp's etc), uploaded in the next few days. Would have done a few tonight, but had to go to my sons school for a parents drug awareness meeting...the world we live in eh!!!


Anonymous said...


Unbeliveable really re the world of today...

On the positive side at least we have Killer Grooves music to look forward to.

Thanks as always...

PS-Just purchased the brilliant Jazz Supreme-Fender Rhodes Prayer compilation just released in Japan-well worth checking....

Now waiting for the next installment ...Waltz A Nova -even though I already have half the tracks...wanted it because it includes Walt Dickerson's lovely modal "Death & Taxes"

Also loving Milton Wrights Spaced LP now out on Jazzman Records


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