Sunday, March 16, 2008

Artist: Duke Pearson
Label: Blue Note (DSP-3023)
Year of Release: 1979
Album Title: It Could Only Happen With You
Stand out Track(s): Gira Girou; Stormy; Book's Bossa


Anonymous said...


Have just seen some of the re-uploads I requested a while back. Some great tracks in there, much appreciated.


a mind with no ceiling said...

Oh please, upload a few tracks from this gem if you can!

Smooth said...

Mr. Clean & The Soul Inc. - "What's Going On" can be found on the compilation "Funk Spectrum, Vol. 1". Good luck!

a mind with no ceiling said...

Thanks for the ups Mr KG.
I know you're looking for the vinyl but just in case you don't have it yet, here is a 320 mp3 of Mr Clean & the soul inc

Killer Groove said...

To a mind with no ceiling,

So kind of you, and it's now safely downloaded and worn out already. OH to have the vinyl. Keep me posted if you hear of one up for grabs.

Kindest regards


Anonymous said...


Just want to say a big thanks for all the great music.

You are expanding my ears and mind!! :-)

All the best!


Killer Groove Music Library said...

Hey Nick,

You are more than welcome. I you see anything where link is missing or not working let me know and i'll see if I can re-up.

More LP's on the way shortly.


a mind with no ceiling said...

KG if you ask us! (you'll be sorry you did:-)
I don't know if any tracks from the following LPs in your archive have ever been upped, or if they just disappeared, but anyway I'd love to take a listen at:
-The Janet Lawson Quintet
-Judy Roberts-The Judy Roberts Band
-Alive-City Life
-Patsy Gallant- Patsy!
-Kathryn Moses- Music In My Heart
-Pete Escovedo- The Island
And, any extra tracks from Marilyn Scott- Dreams Of Tomorrow would also make me a happy man...
Just in case you wanted some work to do!
Cheers and once again thanks for the quality of the music here,

katonah said...

the 2 duke albums are truly beautiful. do you have "i don't care who knows it" ? there's a couple of airto tracks on there that are damn fine.
are you after the the east of underground? i've got a digital.
finally, the al grey manteca is without your best post, plse up the whole thing. .. .. ..


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