Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Artist: Terea
Label: Baby Grand Records (SE 1031)
Year of Release: 1977
Album Title: Terea
Stand out Track(s): Pretty Bird


Brandon said...

First heard this track on Gilles Peterson's radio show back in the day when he was on Kiss FM. Spent years trying to track the vinyl down, but didn't even get to see the cover! Had to resort to getting it on a compilation - Jazz Bizniz! compiled by Russ Dewbury. Couple of questions, is the singer's name Shanon Robinson? and what's the rest of the album like? Thanks for your superlative selection!

Killer Groove Music Library said...

Hi Brandon,

Know those GP shows well. Used to listen to them all (and record them on my old TDK 90's if I could get reception).

You are also right about the singer on that track being Ms Sharon Robinson....oh what a track..oh what a voice. The rest of the LP however doesn't begin to compare to this one piece of musical genius...great shame.

It used to retail for £500 in the good old days, but now I'm not so sure...mind you I haven't seen any copies around for quite some time now.

Hope that helps


Brandon said...

Thanks for your prompt response KG. Your Blog is aptly named. Keep the faith.


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