Sunday, February 04, 2007

Artist: The Sunburst Band
Label: Z Records (ZeddLP001)
Year of Release: 1998
Album Title: Here Comes The Sunburst Band
Stand out Track(s): Delicious; Do U Really Love Me?; Monte Carlo: Ease Your Mind


dafunkyone101 said...

cheers for all the posts..your collection is crazy!! was wondering do you know the original joint the Sunburst Band covered on that 1st track "ease your mind"??? been lookin for it..also Madlib played the original i think on the last track of his DJ Rels LP

Killer Groove Music Library said...

Hi there,

Just listening to that track now, and it is very familiar to me. I am convinced I have the original so will start digging now. It seems on first impressions to be something like Incognito or even Level 42 but I'll get back to you. Leave me your e-mail if you can

Killer Groove

Killer Groove Music Library said...

Right then,

The base line running through this track is without doubt from Freeze "Doin' The Southern Freeze"

Hope that helps.

Rich H


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