Saturday, October 29, 2011

Welcome, boas-vindas, bienvenida, willkommen, Bienvenue, and tervetuloa

I cannot believe it has taken me since July to get even anywhere near another post for the Killer Groove Music Library. Things have been hectic to say the least.

Firstly big warm hello to Raggy from Off Limits Radio, tirelessly providing us with quality music shows (for those that don't follow his show, find it here Make sure you hit the "bid orange button" and register for all the automatic updates. ps Good to hear from you mate, and loving the recent show.

Secondly as some of you may know I have joined the ranks of JFSR (Jazz Funk Soul Radio) at An online based radio station here in the UK. I have a weekly two hour slot on a Tuesday 4pm-6pm playing...well pretty much what takes my fancy, but always keeping it pretty much in the Killer Groove Music Library type mould. As if I needed more commitments to an already busy schedule.

I am into show 7 (this coming Tuesday) already, so if you get a chance join me. You can email me at the show on with thoughts, messages and requests etc etc. It will be great to hear from you.

All the shows are downloadable via zshare links which are posted on the facebook site (just search facebook for JFSR), and I have posted below some of the links for the last two or three shows below.

Musically speaking, the amount of LP's I have building to post on the blog is getting large now, so I will need to get back to that in the coming weeks, and hopefully the Christmas Hols (only 7-8 weeks away) will give me ample opportunity.

Anyhows, great to be able to post some thoughts and look forward to a few of you at least joining me on the Tuesday slot for some good ol' fashioned Jazz Funk and Soul.

Until then..


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