Friday, September 10, 2010

Artist: Emilio Santiago
Label: Phillips Records (6349 348)
Year of Release: 1977
Album Title: "Comigo E Assim"
Stand out Track(s): Descarrego; No Balanco Do Trem

Artist: John Lee & Gerry Brown
Label: Keynote Records (KYT 710)
Year of Release: 1973
Album Title: Infinite Jones
Stand out Track(s): Infinite Jones; Rise On.

Artist: Mat Marucci
Label: Marco Records (MC-111)
Year of Release: 1981
Album Title: Lifeline
Stand out Track(s): Fresh Start; Some Busy Stuff; Movin' Up

Artist: Frank Walton
Label: Delmark Records (DS-436)
Year of Release: 1970's
Album Title: Reality
Stand out Track(s): Safari

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