Friday, September 10, 2010

Artist: Mat Marucci
Label: Marco Records (MC-111)
Year of Release: 1981
Album Title: Lifeline
Stand out Track(s): Fresh Start; Some Busy Stuff; Movin' Up


Killer Groove Music Library said...

Anonymous said...

the post isn't available anymore...

could please post it again ?

Thanks for all !

it's like listening to "Luv 'n Haight" (Feeling Good, Hip City) or "Mojo" compilations but much better

September 08, 2010

Anonymous said...

Thanks for answering my request ! what a good surprise to see your old posts back again !
After a hard day at work it's like a therapy -:)

There are so many wonderful other posts that i would like to discover but the links are no more available...

I didn't know anything about Mat Marucci thanks to you i feel like an explorer who discover the forest behind the tree !


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