Thursday, August 19, 2010

Artist: Joel Fairstein
Label: Thunderhead Records (TH-1030)
Year of Release: 1978
Album Title: Umbra
Stand out Track(s): Umbra


katonah said...

That tracks a bit of a honey, did you out bid me on this on a certain auction site recently ???

Killer Groove Music Library said...

Hey Katonah,

The Ragster from Off Limits Radio put me onto this sweet is that tune. I did pick this up from E-Bay some four months back I reckon. Were you bidding on it also? I contacted Mr Farstein himself to see if he had a spare copy, but some record dealer from the West Coast USA had beten me to all his old copies!!!

Have you bagged yourself a copy yet?


katonah said...

About four months ago ?? Yes, that's the one! Not seen another since, is the whole thing as good as the sample? Damn you sir ;)

gasy said...


Many thanks for the incredible's all about the sounds i love !!! A fantastic mix of titles from famous and underrated musicians.
Unfortunately i can't listen and download the music posted before 2009

How can i manage to do it ?

Thanks a lot... that's really "Killer Groove Music"

Anonymous said...

This really is a belter of a tune & is being played constantly in the car & on the i-pod.

Lovely mellow track with ace solo's
& that introduction is to die for!!!

Respect to the Ragster for sure!!

Jazz Obsessive

Jur said...

Superb song!

Many thanx.

Simon666 said...

lovely track!


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