Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Artist: David Lahm
Label: Palo Alto Records (PA 8027)
Year of Release: 1982
Album Title: Real Jazz For the Folks Who Feel Jazz
Stand out Track(s): I'm Taking the Day Off; Shazam; Harold's House of Jazz


Anonymous said...

JazzDancer said...
Oh yes! Shazam is such a wonderful track. Thankyou.

May 17, 2008

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
So many delights on your blog! Any chance of a re-up on Shazam? thanks in advance

July 27, 2010

Anonymous said...

Shazam! thank you very much - still sounds a killer

Anonymous said...

Hi K G

Another LP I used to own!

Such a silly boy I was to sell!!

Great to hear this again-Janet Lawson what a voice-luv it.

Hope your well & getting geared up to give us some more treats when you get time.

Jazz Obsessive.

Killer Groove Music Library said...

Hey JO,

Good to hear from you mate. Couldn't believe how fresh that Janet Lawson sounded and all the memories came flooding back, wowo!! some 25 odd years ago since I was thrashing my self all over the dance floor to that one. Got so much stuff to get up on the blog shortly..I have been picking up loads of 7" tunes as well, so might up a few of them as well, especially the ones that are really doing it for me right now. Have to hurry though as only three odd weeks before the premiership kicks off again and who nows when I'll find time then..lol

See ya


Anonymous said...


Yeah I can't see anyone taking our Premiership crown this season can you?

I take it that someone with as good a taste in music as me is also a true blue!!!

Jazz Obsessive

Killer Groove Music Library said...

Hey JO,

LOL...my blood runs red mate..the only colour in Manchester!!


Anonymous said...


And we were getting on so well!!

I'll let you off though if you keep up loading your tasty music treats mate.

Recently downloaded from Simon's Never Enough Rhodes site his Library Rhodes compilation...grab a listen if you haven't already some fantastic mellow music on it.

Another fantastic CD I can't get enough of at the moment is The Complete Works of Matthew Larkin Cassell out on Stones Throw-I luv his laidback playing & an excellent voice- if you had to pigeon hole him think white eyed soul Ned Doheny,Michael Franks,Ben Sidran sorta-typical 70's Bay music.

Not sure if your bag but check it out in case.


All good but especially so Heaven & In My Life.

Simon666 said...

thanks for this KG :)


yasmin lawyer