Sunday, August 02, 2009

Artist: Dom Um Romao
Label: Mr Bongo Records
Year of Release: 1998
Album Title: Rhythm Traveller
Stand out Track(s): Sinistro; Mysterious Traveller; Ginga Gingou; Soul Bossa Nova; Jungle Carnival; Cosinha


Martin said...

Anyone who has followed "Rab Hines's" obsessive Bruno dirt at Call It Anything has seen that "Hines's" sole purpose is to spoil the name of a well-known German trumpeter.

CIA is not about jazz. For "Hines", it's about terror, libel, and involving music lovers in his stalking activities. Anyone supporting "Hines" risks a visit from the authorities all-too-soon.

"Hines" is an unemployed, mentally ill person from New Jersey masquerading himself as a jazz fan. Though nobody knows his real name, his voice can be heard at Bruno's Alert Blog. Well-known is his IP address under which "Hines" spammed literally hundreds (!) of jazz blogs with pedophile comments.

For more, simply google "Rab Hines Alert Blog". It's the very first Google entry.

Anonymous said...

Mighty music Fantastic mate I'm loving it as usual

Keep it coming!!!!

Jazz Obsessive

Killer Groove Music Library said...
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Killer Groove Music Library said...

Hi mate,

Glad you like it, first got that Baya Lp down in Bournemouth at the weekenders back in the 80's, so it always reminds me of going to the beach...see ya down there.



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