Sunday, June 22, 2008

Artist: Dadisi Komolafe
Label: Nimbus Records (NS 3035)
Year of Release: 1983
Album Title: Hassan's Walk
Stand out Track(s): Hassan's Walk; Speak No Evil


Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
great stuff here. is this only for pictures and information or can i download this music? if it is possible, i seem to be missing something because i can't figure out how.

Killer Groove Music Library said...

Hi there,

Thanks for your kind words. Uploads are becoming more and more available, although at the moment it is only selected tracks. I'm hoping to get at least one track available for upload on each post, so if there are any you want that aren't already available let me know.

Anonymous said...

I've been looking for THIS album everywhere. Is there any place that you know of where I can buy this album? I'm really desperate.

Contact me at

P.S. This is a great album library I want to know where I can get the rest of these albums.


Jur said...

Just the other day, I listened to Hassan's walk, which is a great song included in a magnificant spiritual jazz compilation at (Reza Mix Number II). So, I was curious to listen to this one. And I was once again plesantly surprised by the freshness of his sound.

Thanks a lot.


Anonymous said...

to obtain a copy of "hassan's walk", try this is the label run by Tom Albach, who has repressed quite a bit of the back catalogue, some on vinyl and lots on cd. the origianl album usually sells for around $80 - $100.



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