Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Artist: Terumasa Hino
Label: Inner City Records (IC 6068)
Year of Release: 1979
Album Title: City Connection
Stand out Track(s): Send Me Your Feelings; Samba De-La Cruz


Anonymous said...

I have been downloading songs from your website all evening, and I must say, I'm deeply impressed by your vast musical knowledge.

Greetings from Amsterdam,

Killer Groove Music Library said...

You are more than welcome Jur, and thanks for the kind words. More Uploads to come (and new Lp's) as soon as I can find some time.


a mind with no ceiling said...

Yes, one of the best collections in blogland!
"Send me your feelings" is a personal fave.

Simon666 said...

Some nice tracks, thanks! Didn't know Hini from this late in the 70s, pleasantly surprised :)

Anonymous said...

Can't wait for your next posts. You are in my top 4 four of funky crate diggers (together with ifitrotates, waxingdeep and soulspectrum). The standard on your website is amazingly high. My personal Stand Out Tracks from your Stand Out Tracks are:
-Free (Seawind)
-Music is the key (Weldon Irvine)
-Misdemeanor (Ahmad Jamal)
-Like a thief in the night (Mike Longo)

db1233 said...

Is there a way to communicate with you ?
I'd be glad...

Killer Groove Music Library said...

Hey db1233

Just let me have your email address via a post (which I wont publish), and i'll drop you a line.




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