Saturday, February 16, 2008

Artist: Weldon Irvine
Label: Nodlew Music Records (Stereo 1002)
Year of Release: 1973
Album Title: Time Capsule

Stand out Track(s): Deja vu; Bananas


a mind with no ceiling said...

wow, please let us hear some "Bananas"!...
thank you

Egan Ehlers said...

These latest postings are fantastic. Got to get ahold of some of these records. Thanks.

a mind with no ceiling said...

Thanks for upping the tracks! as with everything Weldon did it's gorgeous.
Btw I just found out that in the track "Bananas" he's quoting the Mr Clean melody (0:44 onwards) and then the Deja Vu break (1:06 onwards). (just in case there happens to be another Weldon freak out there)
KG you surely groove, thx

Miles said...

gotta love weldon irvine! thanks.


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