Sunday, December 23, 2007

Artist: Johnny Colon & His Orchestra
Label: Cotique Records (CS-1007)
Year of Release: 1967
Album Title: Boogaloo'67
Stand out Track(s): Moyenlle
Artist: Build An Ark
Label: Kindred Spirits (KS 021 LP)
Year of Release: 2007
Album Title: Dawn
Stand out Track(s): Dawn; River Run
Artist: Latin Percussion Jazz Ensemble
Label: Latin Percussion Ventures Inc. (LPV 470)
Year of Release: 1979
Album Title: Just Like Magic
Stand out Track(s): Bernies Tune
Artist: Yuji Ohno & The Explosion Band
Label: Nippon Columbia Records (CQ-7040)
Year of Release: 1980
Album Title: Original Soundtrack to Lupin III
Stand out Track(s): Afro Rock Theme; Rock Theme No. 1
Artist: Pretty Purdie & The Playboys
Label: Flying Dutchman Records (M51-5001)
Year of Release: 1971
Album Title: Stand By Me
Stand out Track(s): Whatcha See Is Whatcha Get; Funky Mozart
Artist: Jerry Gonzalez & The Fort Apache Band
Label: Enja Records (4040 Stereo)
Year of Release: 1982
Album Title: The River is Deep
Stand out Track(s): Beebop; Parisian Thoroughfare
Artist: Egba
Label: Sonet Records (SLP-2579)
Year of Release: 1976
Album Title: Jungle-Jam
Stand out Track(s): Turtle Dance; La Firmeza; Trabajo Para Egba; Manadens Erbjudande
Artist: Phil Flowers & His United Family
Label: Longwood Records (L 20001)
Year of Release: 1973
Album Title: Alpha & Omega
Stand out Track(s): Devil's Theme; Prostitution (Hooked)
Artist: Pharoah Sanders
Label: abc Impulse Records (ASD-9280)
Year of Release: 1974
Album Title: Love In Us All
Stand out Track(s): Love is Everywhere pt1: Love is Everywhere ptII
Artist: Sadao Watanabe
Label: East Wind Records (15PJ-1013)
Year of Release: 1975
Album Title: Pamoja
Stand out Track(s): Pamoja; Vichakani

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Artist: Leroy Hutson
Label: Curtom Records (CUK 5018)
Year of Release: 1978
Album Title: Closer To The Source
Stand out Track(s): Get To This (You'll Get To Me); Heaven Right Here (On Earth).
Artist: The Headhunters
Label: Arista Records (AL 4038)
Year of Release: 1975
Album Title: Survival of the Fittest
Stand out Track(s): God Made Me Funky

Monday, December 10, 2007

Artist: Weldon Irvine
Label: RCA Records (APL 1-1363)
Year of Release: 1976
Album Title: Sinbad
Stand out Track(s): What's Goin' On; I Love You; Music is the Key

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Artist: Marius Cultier
Label: Fiesta Records (GP 344)
Year of Release: 1977
Album Title: Marius Cultier
Stand out Track(s): Zouk

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