Monday, December 10, 2007

Artist: Weldon Irvine
Label: RCA Records (APL 1-1363)
Year of Release: 1976
Album Title: Sinbad
Stand out Track(s): What's Goin' On; I Love You; Music is the Key


Anonymous said...

ajazzfantoo said...
"Music Is The Key" is a stellar track...I have it here on vinyl but can't make my own file.

Could you post it? Thanks!

December 10, 2007

diggintodeath said...

hi man

a wonderful site, respect. you own a goldmine and deliver an important contribution to groove-archeology. i´ve spent a lot of time time for checkin the site out, the last few days. some of the records i got by myself, some i guess will i never see, and many are highly desired.
i would love to recommend a few albums, i consider as important too, if you don´t mind. also i´ll ad some comments.

stay groovy

Killer Groove Music Library said...

Just a quick note to Diggintodeath, to say a big big thankyou for the most welcome of comments and the time taken to post them all against the selected LP's. Please continue to make such valued comments and from time to time let me know if there are other gems which should be added to the library.

Kindest regards


video_drug said...

Well done! Irvine.

Excuse my sense of humor, this is a good surprise to found it here , that is, as diggintodeath said, a vault of pure records and songs.I had never imagine to travel in this part of music , thanks a lot.


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