Sunday, October 21, 2007

Artist: Doug Richardson
Label: AVI Records (AVL 6013)
Year of Release: 1977
Album Title: Night Talk
Stand out Track(s): Lonely Love; Winning Ticket; Salsa Mama


Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Hi Killer Groove,

Been looking for this album m y whole life! I wish you'd posted ALL the songs :)

Thanks you can reach me at

October 19, 2007

Anonymous said...

Dear Killer Groove,

Thank you so very very much for posting "Lonely Love". It's almost a dream come true for me, a I've been searching for this track since the 80's!

I looked at your profile and we're the same age, so I guess we have the same choices of jazz fusion, more or less. I was wondering if you have David Spinozza (self-titled), Mike Mainieri's "Love Play" and Max Middleton / Robert Ahwai's "Another Sleeper" albums.

Thank you again and warm regards.

Jet Adriano


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