Monday, March 19, 2007

Artist: The Whole Darn Family
Label: Soul International Records (SLP-103)
Year of Release: 1976
Album Title: Has Arrived
Stand out Track(s): Seven Minutes of Funk; Leave Me Alone; Fly Away Love Bird


Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Thanks so much for the tune.
Could you please post the following track?
"Leave me alone"

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for posting my
requested track… and for 'Fly Away Love Bird'

Amazing album this one is. Hope you post the rest
of it!!!

Again, thanks so much and congrats for your blog.


Anonymous said...

this has a different cover to my copy!! thanks for all the time n effert in putting all these great songs up cheers

Anonymous said...

These are brilliant tracks by a group I have never heard of even though I have been listening to Soul & Jazz for 30 years!

Thank you so much for the introduction.


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