Saturday, February 28, 2009

Artist: Buck Clarke
Label: Argo Records (LP 4021)
Year of Release: 1961
Album Title: The Buck Clarke Sound
Stand out Track(s):Night In Tunisia

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Artist: David Schnitter
Label: Muse Records (MR 5197)
Year of Release: 1979
Album Title: Thundering
Stand out Track(s): Flying Colors
Artist: The Prime Element
Label: Trova Ind. Musicales Records(Mint 7000)
Year of Release: 1976
Album Title: The Prime Element
Stand out Track(s):Southmelodic; Aldebaran; Pelo Y Barba
Artist: Bobby Matos & His Afro-Cuban Jazz Ensemble
Label: CuBop Records (CBLP005)
Year of Release: 1996
Album Title: Footprints
Stand out Track(s): Footprints; Llegue; mambo Interlude
Artist: Billy Gault
Label: Inner City Records (IC 2027)
Year of Release: 1976
Album Title: When Destiny Calls
Stand out Track(s): The Time of This World is at Hand; When Destiny Calls; Nothing But a Man
Artist: Don Rader
Label: PBR International Records (PBR-10)
Year of Release: 1976
Album Title: ...Now
Stand out Track(s): Saludita; Now; Don't Touch

Artist: Don Rader Quintet
Label: Discovery (Trend) Records (DS 796)
Year of Release: 1978
Album Title: WallFlower
Stand out Track(s): Nobody Troubles The Nose I've Seen; Flora

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Artist: Cheyenne Fowler
Label: Shady Brook Records (SB 33-002)
Year of Release: 1976
Album Title: Cheyenne's Comin'
Standout Track(s): Feelings; Groovin With You; Come Back To Me

Sunday, February 01, 2009

Artist: Open Sky Unit
Label: Duchesne Records (DD 8001)
Year of Release: 1974
Album Title: Open Sky Unit
Stand out Track(s): Open Sky; At Man; Sunshine Star

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